Changes in the offer’s due to the current new regulations in the snow sports area. The restaurants remain closed, there is the possibility of take-away. Almost all restaurants in the area offer this service.

Adjustments for lessons.

Private lessons > no adjustments: can be booked normally
Group lessons mornings and afternoons > no adjustments for children and teenagers up to 16J: normally bookable.
Group lessons mornings and afternoons > light price adjustments for teenagers up to 16J and adults due to max 4 persons per group: normally bookable.
All-day lessons > bookable again from the opening of the restaurants after January 22nd: actual not bookable.
Adaptation for rental
The rental department has a reduction of the number of person allowed in the shop. The needed equipment should be reserved upfront if possible. People with reservations can be served faster. We ask all customers to avoid the peak times during Saturday and Sunday mornings between 9am and 11am and in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm. Pre reservations help to reduce waiting times during rush hours.
Rental Station and overnight depot
During the high season weeks we ask customers to take their rented ski or snowboard boots home. Rented skis and boards can be deposited overnight if needed.
The shop part remains closed on Sunday and holidays as christmas and new year.