The pro school will give birth to a World Cup winner! Manuela Pesko also started with Primus courses in the snowboard school and trained as a talented junior in the former alpine training group with Roland Primus. You would be in good company – Cla Mosca, Fadrí Mosca, Stefan Koch, four of the most talented and successful snowboarders have benefitted from the experience of coach Roland Primus’s knowledge and are a testament to what you can achieve at our snowboard school.

Trial lessons

You are desperate to try some amazing and daring new tricks – the pro school will help you realise your ambitions in the safest possible way. Why not come and try out for the school and get your classification – applies to juniors as well. The trial training serves to inform and classify the juniors.

Training pass

The Pro School offers ambitious kids a perfect opportunity to realize their dreams. The Pro School provides training groups, where our specially trained Air & Park instructors will help you realise your dreams.