Ability levels

The RiderSystem offers lessons for each stage of learning and taste

We will gladly advise you on exactly which course is right for you. After each course you will receive tips from your teacher as well as their recommendation for your next RiderSystem course. This recommendation will be included in our booking system and taken into account in the next course.

The RiderSystem was developed by Roland Primus and the Swiss ski school and professional association SSBS.
The system is designed so that you can, according to your age, determine your rating and start with either The Aladin course (up to 11 years) or the Basic 1 course (12 years ). The courses in the Kids system (up to 11 years) Aladin, Bonsai, Clown, Dino and elephant are divided into 5 classes and have the same content as the Basic 1, 2, 3 courses for adults. Depending on their age, the courses can be swapped within this basic training. After the course, elephant or Basic 3, there are then different categories to choose from. Within the division of courses, ages can be mixed. Here personal training is at the forefront. This course provides a good learning curve, but again it depends on the individual – some students may learn at a different pace.

Therefore, we offer courses for intermediates that are basic, but require a certain amount of previous experience. We can also recommend a repeat course to go back over what has been learnt already, so that you can have fun as well as reinforcing what you already have learnt, giving you more confidence.

Kids need special courses tailored to their needs – it is pointless expecting them to get to grips with an adult board in an adult lesson. You need a programme of courses that will support their motor skill development and capabilities. That way they will really enjoy their learning experience.

In the kids classes A to E, they are taught to develop their capabilities, but are also given the chance to wizz about full throttle in the snow with their peers.


Lifts – stopping – Schrägrutschen – skiing corners


Safe cornering – Stopping – turning


Loading / unloading – Fakie drive – 360 ° slope spin


Turns with high relieving / deep Relieve – Ollies


Turns using the edges – Kippdrehen – Jumps

You want to finally experience for yourself what your friends are always raving about? That unique curve feeling you get when you have both feet on the board; the total freedom of gliding on easy terrain and the thrill you get when you ride your very first terrain.

Your equipment is the all-round board or the Freestyle – or freeride board. You are using soft or hard boots with or without step-in system.

Basic 1

4 – 5 lessons : Getting used to your board, Grutschen and traverses boarding – directional arrow change with the basic turn – Pause and Stop – Lift

Basic 2

4 – 5 lessons : Secure cornering – Introduction loading / unloading – 360 ° slope spin – short fakie runs

Basic 3

4 – 5 lessons : Turns with high and low relief – Kippdrehen – directional arrow Xenical changes using the edges – first jumps and ollies – performance in middle

Above all else, you want to have fun snowboarding. Freestyle, Freeride and carving , anything goes, binding and boards are all the same, the main thing is you are having loads of fun!

In the all-round courses will get a chance to experience the various styles of snowboarding. Once you have completed it, you can then decide if you want to specialise in a specific style such asFreestyle , Freeride or Carve and Speed!

Rider 1

4 – 5 Lessons: Introduction to carving – Swing styles using the edges – steep slope turns – Gel & auml; – Fakie drive – trail jumps

Rider 2

4 – 5 lessons : Dynamic carving – Carving on steep slopes – boarding in steep terrain – swing variations – Carving swing styles – straight jump variations

You want your “range of tricks” to expand, operating Slope style at their finest? Fats airs and spins represent true snowboarding for you. Can’t make up your mind which direction you would like to take after completing your snowboard basic training?

Your equipment is the lively freestyle board and soft boots with customized maintenance.


4 – 5 lessons: Swing styles using the edges – Fakie drive – nose and Tailturns – ollies and slides – Slope jumps and 180 °


4 – 5 Lesson: Carving swing styles – Straight Jump Variationen – 360° – Cliffs – Spin Technique – Boardercross

New School Snowboarding at its finest. Two new course directions, that will see you become a well-rounded snowboarder. Here you’ll learn how to do a perfect rail, without breaking any bones, Or, how to take a kicker without being scared to death.

Slide (Park)

4 – 5 Lessons: control of simple Rails – Boxes – Safe Driving Park obstacles – 50-50 Slide

Rainbow (Park)

4 – 5 lessons : Advanced Rails – Rainbows – Curved Rails – special on and off jumps – slide board

TakeOff (Air)

4 – 5 Lektionen: Basic Straight Airs – Tweaks – Grab – safe landing – Small Moves

AirTime (Air)

4 – 5 Lessons: Advanced Airs – Big Airs – Rotationen – Big Moves – Advanced Tricks

Powder, Rinnen, Cliffs, Park, Jumps, Speed – all this and much more!

I would do all this if I were the King of Freeride! Whether you’re skiing or in the backcountry, it is important to perfect your board control on the ground and in the air for unlimited freeride fun. Gain the tactically knowledge you need to become a back country specialist.

Your equipment is the directional freeride or freestyle board and soft boots with good grip and a soft Step-In system.


4 – 5 lessons: Swing styles using the edges – high and low relief – fakie runs – ollies and Gel & auml; ndejumps – boardercross – Introduction to Powder Technology


4 – 5 lessons : Carving swing styles – Advanced Powder Technology – exploitation of backcountry elements – Tactical behavior in the backcountry – cliff jumps and straight jumps – Rules of Conduct – Flowing Backcountryruns

Präzise Carving technique and maximum edge grip on any surface, this is your world – parried slopes of medium to greater part,
But, you realize that you can only win the battle with the centrifugal forces once you have perfected the techniques and learned to harness the power safely.


4 – 5 Lessons: Introduction to carving – Carving with high and low relief – short steep slope turns – piste jumps – Flowing runs with 50 – 70 km/h


4 – 5 lessons : Dynamic carving – acceleration turns – carving on steep slopes – boardercross – Flowing runs at 70 or more miles/h

Snowboarding is for you now more than just a hobby. You want to educate yourself and make money during the winter from snowboarding.

In the Master’s course, you will deepen your knowledge of all the courses in Basic 1, 2 and 3. You will also be taught the theory that accompanies them.You will broaden your perspective, moving from student through to teacher.

As well as passing Freestyle, Carve and Speed ​​or Freeride, the masters course allows you to test free entry into the SSBS Instructor – Training programme.